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Publication lists

This service is currently a work in progress.

The library collects the data of publications which are produced at the university on the

The information about these conference papers, book chapters, journal articles, books, research reports and working papers are a part of research and teaching at the university. The data will also be delivered to other databases, catalogues and search engines.

The library collects all publications in which an authors affiliation to Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University is mentioned. Also, existing publication lists on web pages of the university are recorded.

Members of the university can use this service to get automated publication lists on their personal web pages and project web pages. You can see an example of a publication list here:

If you want to set up a publication list, please contact us:

Currently, no bachelor's and master's theses are listed yet. The collection of this data is planned in consultation with the departments at a later date.

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