The Library offers registered users 4 GB online storage. Bib-Cloud is a costfree service, you just need a valid library account and your library code.

Documents, images and other files that you upload onto Bib-Cloud will be stored on servers hosted by the Library. Uploaded files can then easily be accessed and shared over the internet from any computer, tablet, smart phone or other networked device.


Bib-Cloud is based on the ownCloud open source software. For synchronizing files with your desktop computer, you can use the ownCloud Client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. There are also apps in development for both Android and webOS. For further information go to:

Please note:

  • The Library is not liable for loss of data. Please store important data on additional devices (such as laptop, USB stick)
  • It is necessary to accept our Terms of Use before you first log on to Bib-Cloud. You can read this user agreement here.