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Databases: Additional E-Media

Under the heading "Additional E-Media" in the Digital Library, you will find all the electronic holdings that are acquired by the University and District Library for use within the entire Campus Area Network (CAN) of the University of Applied Sciences. This also involves databases that can be searched for literature or information as well as electronic periodicals that you can immediately read on the screen.

Some of the databases, such as WISO-Net and FIZ-Technik, can be searched simultaneously using the Digital Library's search engine; other databases are not suitable for this purpose and therefore always have to be opened directly (e.g. Lexis-Nexis).

All the offers that are only accessible within the Campus Area Network of the University of Applied Sciences are marked with an amber traffic light. Furthermore, you will also find links to the freely accessible Internet offers here, which you can recognise by the green traffic light.

Remote access is available for all university members, as long as they are registered as library users.