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Remote access to electronic books, electronic periodicals and databases

In order to use the electronic collections of the library (e. g. electronic books, electronic perdiodicals or databases like IEEE, ACM Digital Library) you either have to be within the campus network or you sign up for remote access via proxy.

Remote access is available for all university members, as long as they are registered as library users.

You just need a computer and a common browser (Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer), which you have to adjust in a small way:

Please select which browser you use and click on the link. A short instruction informs you about the adjustment you have to undertake. You can keep this adjustment permanently as it only applies for such instances where you access the electronic collections of the library.

Which browser do you use?

As soon as you have completed the adjustment and logged in with your library code, it is possible to use the electronic collections of the library via remote acccess. The collections are listed in the library catalogue as well as in the Digital Library.

Please note that a few electronic resources do not permit remote access, at the moment these being the two law databases beck-online and juris, and the fulltext database VDE-Vorschriftenwerk.

If you have any questions or comments on this service, which is still being tested, please send them to:


There are special regulations for the use of electronic offers such as databases, e-books and e-journals. Please consider the copyright regulations and terms of use of every publisher or editor respectively. It is crucial to comply with these regulations in order to get access.

Rules in general:
Saving or printing chapters or articles is allowed only for reasons of personal use, research and teaching.
It is strictly forbidden to download systematically articles, chapters or search results especially by robots. If this rule is offended, the publisher may block access.
Articles/chapters may not be given to third parties either electronically nor printed.
Using search results for commercial purposes is not allowed.

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