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Inter-Library Loan

You can request media that are not available in the University and District Library using our Inter-Library Loan services.

The following literature cannot be ordered via Inter-Library Loan:
a) Reference books, non-circulatory literature
b) Loose-leaf items, irreplacable items, oversize formats
c) Hobby and entertainment literature
d) Books that do not cost more than € 10.00 in the book trade
e) Theses for state examinations, final examinations and the German "Diplom"
f)  New publications of the current year

You can make online requests for books or magazine articles via the Digital Library. To do so, you require your library code as well as a transaction number (TAN) for each request, which you can obtain from the Library.

Fees: € 1.50 per request (+ postage for the notification, if you have not provided the Library with your email address).
Additional fees: are incurred, for example, for particularly extensive copies
Payment:    transaction number (TAN), which you must purchase from the Library beforehand
Delivery time: approximately 10 working days
must be picked up from the Library


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